ms 2What a day today was!! It started off good. There is this little old man who is a crossing guard near a local elementary school. He is the happiest man just volunteering for this job he has a smile on his face everyday and waves to me everyday as well as everyone else who is nice enough to wave back. In the freezing cold, rain, snow he’s still happy and smiling. Today I bought him a dunkachino and 2 donuts from D&D. I asked him if he liked coffee and hot chocolate and he said yes, I have never seen such a happy bright smile it made me so happy to put a smile on his face for once! He asked me why I gave this to him and I said because I appreciate what you do and your smile makes me happy every day and it gives me a reason to smile for just that moment to know there are good, happy people in this world. He was very thankful!

So later on….I get a couple letters in the mail. First one is a exit counseling for school saying because I had to withdraw from a class or etc…. I had to go through exit counselling. What does that mean? Are they making me leave? So clearly I’ll be calling them tomorrow!! The other letter was from my insurance company saying that my MRI of the Lumbar part of my spine was denied because its not “medically necessary” because, it is not involved with multiple sclerosis and considering that I have already had 2 that showed MS its not needed!!  So, I brought that straight down to the neurologist’s office and showed them while I had my daughter and I was balling my eyes out!! I asked why they are doing this and that I lost my job, my school/career, and I’m completely broke. I said I need a diagnosis and medication for this now so I can have my life back! The lady said I’ll put you in for an appointment right away, I said well my Dr. said he won’t see me until I have this done, she said well the situation has changed and got me in for next Thursday!!  I asked to see a different Dr. and she  I can’t. So I guess we’ll see how that goes! Meanwhile, I called Mass again and asked for an appointment right away their going to get back to me and I know they will!!

Good Website very informative!

One love ❤


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