A Thought….

“Only the dead will see the end of war”–Plato

My God my light, darkness, shelter, air, food and love is all from our mother earth. I worship her as if she’s my own mother but, she’s all of our mothers.I truly believe that when their is no hope for our earth that we are destroying everyday not only by killing her but by killing each other. Maybe that’s why she has to start over sometimes and hopes one day we can love her the way she loves us. What are we fighting for? We’re all in this together we’re just to selfish and ignorant to admit it. Where’s the peace and love and respect that we should have for each other? Oh yea the government brain washed us to be their donkey’s and so that’s what we are. I’m not giving up on our mother earth and neither should you! Where do our bodies go when we die? Under the ground or if we’re cremated our ashes become one with the earth. So this is our ever lasting home we need to love her more now than ever so we don’t lose her forever!

Have you ever noticed how beautiful the tree’s are in the fall when their dying? They know their leaves will grow back or not, they know they aren’t going anywhere but they could get cut down any day. But, the beauty of the leaves on a dying tree makes me see not only how beautiful life is but also how beautiful death can be. Even at a dying person’s last moment they may be more beautiful and peaceful than ever before. It seems like when you know your times is up you have to find that balance and make yourself understand that now its out of your control so learn to accept it. I think at that moment is when someone realizes how beautiful they really are because accepting the fact that your going to die very soon is the best and hardest accomplishment a person can make in my eyes.

See that’s my problem I don’t like to be in a position I can’t control. For example flying; I hate to fly I now refuse to do it but, I know I’ll have to someday. It’s because I’m not flying the plane so if it crashes I can’t stop it it’s out of my hands and I can’t save anyone not me, my kids, my boyfriend, my family. At that last second you don’t have time to accept what’s about to happen. That’s it your done! Is that what it takes to realize nothing is in our control?

I just don’t understand why we can’t live our lives the way we want because our “government” won’t allow it or society in general. I now have things out of my control because shit happens! You can lay down and die or learn from it,and make a positive out of a negative and do something with it! Embrace your illness, struggles, mistakes, losses etc… that’s what makes us who we are for a reason we will someday understand. If you ever get lost go outside close your eyes take a deep breathe and call to our mother (she’s always around us) look at the moon and know I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon!!

One Love


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