Now that I have finally been diagnosed I can get back to my life but, I’m making some CHANGES!!! I truly believe (as my professor said) that everything happens for a GOOD reason and to make all negatives into positives!!! It’s a good way to live life without worrying all the time what people think, how people judge, what people say behind your back, who’s a good friend and who’s not. It took me a long time to understand that. When I was a kid my dad always told me, ” you won’t understand until your 30″, happy to say he was spot on. When I was diagnosed I not only learned who my REAL friends are but, I learned that the only love I need is the love for myself and my self respect also, my boyfriend and I made a beautiful happy family we have 2 great kids and after almost 9 years ( in February) we’re still madly in love! I still have a few close friends and some close family members who are great and I’m thankful for that! I guess what I’m trying to say is I realized how short life is and how anything can happen so why be sad or live a miserable life? I’m a happy person with a awesome family ( I consider close friends family) and that’s good enough for me!

So on another note…

My insurance won’t cover the Gillenia I was prescribed so now I have to take Copaxone which is an injection. I do it myself they told me daily. It kind of sucks but its a good thing I’m not scared of needles and I’ve given many injections as I am in the medical field and in school for nursing (almost) but, I’m in school and will have 3 degrees in the end. My boyfriend knows about MS and injections because one of his family members has MS and he understands the reality of it.I got so lucky that I found him he’s great and understands and always has my back like and he knows how shitty it is to have this disease and he doesn’t have to have it himself. We are different people but also very alike he’s laid back, easy going and just understands.

My neurologist wants me to have a spinal tap still to make a confirmation. He says he’s treating me anyway because its pretty clear that I have MS and there are false negatives. So why put me through that pain and chance having this done? If they make one mistake I’m paralyzed for life. I just don’t think its necessary not now anyway.



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