Happy New Year everyone! Anything I post is from my own personal opinion only!! I refer to my blogs like a journal that I want to share with anyone who may be able to relate or hopefully to reach out to others so you know your not alone no matter what disease or illness you may have!

So I have decided to go ahead and get the lumbar puncture.If the Dr. thinks it’s necessary I should  just get over it and do it. I’ll be ok I’ve had worse pain, so whatever. I will be starting Copxone most likely within the nest 2 weeks. It’s a daily subcutaneous injection which I have given many before to patients when I worked in the Doctor’s office as a C.M.A. I’ve never given one to myself, but luckily I’m not scared of needles considering I have about 15 tattoos. I’ve made my peace with it and  I have come to terms with the fact that its out of my control, and I need to do what I need to do for my health. With MS whatever damage is done, is done. You don’t get better the medication is given to patients to try and slow the progression of the disease. It doesn’t fix it or make it better it just ties to slow down the disabling process. MS is a disabling disease and everyone who has it  is different and has different symptom. There are 4 different forms of MS; relapse-remitting, secondary relapse-remitting, progressive and I think primary progressive. I can’t complain because it could be worse and eventually it may get worse or not time will tell. I have to live day by day because, I could wake up tomorrow and be blind, or in a wheelchair, or have a stroke basically anything could happen. It’s pretty scary but. that’s life.

I want to see what I can do to host a benefit for MS and of course all donations will go to the MS society or for patients who can’t afford their medication etc… For anyone who needs help! I was thinking maybe having a walk or run maybe on the beach or in Portsmouth or maybe even a family hike!  I’m thinking either from spring to fall time because, the heat kills me and I believe most people with MS from what I’ve heard. If anyone has any ideas or wants to help out that would be awesome! I am going to do this I’m determined! I’ll keep you all updated 🙂

Until next time!

One Love,

Jenny 🙂


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