A Poem By Me: My Never Ending Battle

Four years ago is when you came,

Now I’m sure life will never be the same,

I feel like I’m slowly dying,

Every time you’re here I always find myself crying,

For the short time you do go away,

I slowly begin to feel better every day,

I beg and wish you to not come back,

I don’t know what will happen after another attack,

I can’t describe in words how and what I feel,

Suffering in pain and pretending its no big deal,

As I begin to smell my own fear,

Is when I know your almost here,

Hoping when you arrive,

Tomorrow I’ll still feel alive,

Or maybe even forever paralyzed,

I know your an invisible demon that will haunt me inside forever,

And until this life is over,

Every day we will be together,

I never asked for this but I refuse to ask and never will why me,

I do know you’ll never set me free,

I learned and know now that I must live every day like it’s my last,

You helped me realize how time is going by to fast,

Today and every day I promise to vow,

That I will forever live in the now,

I will embrace this life long disease that had to be,

To help others just like me,

And to show them to set their souls free,

You may take my sight or deteriorate my brain,

Don’t expect me to just sit here and complain,

At any time you can take from me what you choose,

You must know that I will fight and I refuse to loose,

I tell myself to try not be scared,

I’ve experience a lot in a short time so now I’m prepared,

I knew it was you coming head on for me,

Even when everyone I knew was certain I was wrong,

But I knew it was you coming for me all along,

You have taken my health and so much more,

Know that I will win this war,

When this life is over and I am laid to rest,

I will know the struggle was worth it and I always did my best.

copyright 2015


5 thoughts on “A Poem By Me: My Never Ending Battle

    1. I appreciate your comment but I have to respectfully disagree. I have done so much research on this exact topic as well as MS. I worked in the healthcare field for a while and I have an associates in Medical Assisting and Liberal arts (would have been nursing but I got sick). I feel that everyone would have MS or some kind of disease due to processed foods, energy drinks etc…. If anybody started to eat better then of course their going to feel good but, it won’t cure cancer or make your disease disappear if that were the case nobody would be sick. Just my opinion! Thanks!


      1. I started thinking that may seemed rude. I certainly didn’t mean it to be. I thought you hadn’t read my blog and were just talking about processed food in general. Then I wondered if you meant you have looked a the interest edification of oils in depth and the results of enzymes with lecithin. If so, I am dying to talk to you and find out what you dknow.


  1. I’m sorry I don’t write my blogs to argue or give false educational lessons. I know what I know is true and I believe what I believe and nobody will change that. Due to my own life experiences I am me and that’s all I need, I don’t judge or tell anyone how they should live their lives. I’m just a writer doing what I love trying to reach out to others with the same disease. I’m sure all my Doctor’s, specialists and my neurologist (who works at one of the best hospital’s in the WORLD) would tell me not to eat certain foods so for me this IS NOT the CASE!! I in no way would go on your blog site and tell you your wrong about Jesus because I’m not religious that’s just not me. To each their own who am I to judge? Best wishes to you and yours!! One love!


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