Hey everyone! I hope everything is good and your all in good health!

Just a quick update on how thing’s are going. So…I’m currently not taking any medications for my M.S. for a few reasons. I had an allergic reaction to Copaxone and it made me miserable, I am thinking about staying off the meds until my next MRI in August. My neurologist ( I now have 4), wants me to try Aubagio which is a pill that’s been around for about three years. I don’t know what to do ahhhh! I’ve gone through almost 4 years of tests and now I’m having more done, some repeated and new diagnoses’ to add to the list.  So probley about 3 more years of tests and maybe I’ll know what else is wrong with me. Honestly, I’m over it and, starting recently I don’t even care to know anymore. I’m disgusted with everything and a lot of people to tell you the honest to God truth.

Please watch these amazing survivors stories who have MS!!!


There’s something I want to share and it’s very personal, emotional and it’s been on my “bucket list”, for as long as I can remember. I’m graduating from school this month. YAY!! After, I want to start writing my book (one of them). This first specific one, I can’t say to much because of plagiarisms, is going to have to do with Multiple Sclerosis. I know what I want to do and I the purpose of this is the fact that I NEED YOU TO HELP ME! If anyone that’s reads this blog has a friend or family member that has an interesting story and would like to share (or clearly yourself) only personal with me PLEASE send me an e-mail or comment. I will not and wouldn’t ever share or tell anyone’s story it’s completely confidential and I’m not that type of person who would share people’s personal stories. I do actually have good intentions here! I have GOOD morals that I honestly go by! I can’t say much more so please don’t be afraid and let your and my own voice’s be heard and our stories be told in a true and honest nature. I believe everyone has their own unique stories about their journey’s, our rough roads, things we’ve done that we’re not proud of, good things we’ve done for ourselves and others. ANYONE can choose to remain anonyms, everyone can if they want! Ok no more unless you want to know more and I can privately explain my awesome ideas! I promise you’ll love them and you’ll be excited, I am. I can’t wait to hear from you! Stay strong!

One Love,


Must watch other’s sharing their stories about living with a disease.


5 thoughts on “Something Special For All Of Us

    1. Thanks so much I appreciate it! There is actually a way we can kind of help each other….. I’m going to start writing a book after I graduate and I didn’t want to announce it yet but, now’s a good a time as any! Is there anyway I could e-mail you or you could e-mail me so I can tell you more?


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