Hey people! Usually, I’m pretty optimistic and I think my posts are as well. But, today I’m changing it up cause if I don’t get this off my chest I’m going to explode!!! EVERYONE needs to have their moment of insanity once and a while right? MY TURN!

1) Being sick, in pain, overly exhausted, “invisible symptom” (for M.S.), and medication for it not working.

2) Tests! Any kind! I’ve been going through tests or studies for about 4-5 years finally get a diagnosis. Now, whoops just kidding now there’s something else wrong with you to add to the long list of your illnesses. You need more tests and more specialists.

3) People! Most of them! Friends, and family lost except a few. Not having them understand or even act like they care is extremely hurtful. I don’t want to talk about it all the time and I def don’t! Why would I want to? I just want them to UNDERSTAND! I would and I have before for them. Being bad mouthed or talked down to cause I’m sick is just mean and foolish.

4) Everyone expecting something or everything from me. I can’t even help myself right now. Like really? I’m broke as hell cause I can’t work right now. Every time I got a job within the past few years I had to leave or lost cause I’ll have a relapse or I’m sick or falling asleep constantly,  having a horrible memory etc….So I’m looked at as a loser cause I don’t have a job right now. I’m graduating with my 2nd degree in 2 weeks clearly I’m not stupid and I had a plan. It’s changed but, we’ll see. I would LOVE to wake up and go to work everyday like most people with no problem. My life didn’t turn out that fortunate though (job wise).

5) I’m am so f****** sick of taking medication! I can’t stand it and it doesn’t really work anyway! Maybe 3 of my meds work and one is birth control. I wish pot was just legalized at least medically, everywhere.  I know the FAQ’S and if you don’t you should do some research because it’s been proven to help so many different diseases and cancers. To bad the pharmaceutical companies would go out of business (not)!

That’s enough complaining tonight! Sorry sometimes you just have to! Keep it real!

One Love,



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