Bet You Haven’t Heard This Come Out Of My Mouth

Content Maybe A Little Extreme

Hi everyone sorry it’s been a while since my last blog I’ve had a lot going on. I hope all is well with everyone. this blog may be like no other I have written before. I’ve had a really rough time lately and I’ve had enough! I’m sick, I’m really sick I know this more now than I did before. I’m having a relapse right now that’s why this is so hard and honestly it’s getting REAL now. I’m usually always very positive, happy, and laid back. At the moment I’m far from it. Because, you know this is what MS does to you. One day I’m ok and I’m me, myself and, the next I’m a miserable, emotional, confused horrible b**** to the point where I don’t want to be around me. I hate that I can’t work right now and put my part in with my family. I hate having to take breaks, naps, not having any energy, being sick, having infections that won’t go away, being in constant pain I could go on forever. I hate it when I shake and can’t control my body and when I can’t walk straight and drop everything.

So…right now my lymph nodes are infected and big on the left side of my neck and its getting worse. I tried prednisone, an antibiotic and had an ultrasound of my neck. Nothing worked just got worse. I have to see a ENT Dr. now, it never ends and never will. I should be in the hospital with an IV of steroids for about 5 days. I went to the ER and they did absolutely nothing! So I guess I’m on my own and we’ll take one day at a time cause that’s the only choice I have. I am going to call me Neurologist here and see if he’ll see me because of this.

I’m falling behind in school cause I’m sick and exhausted all the time. I always feel like I want to puke or pass out I’m so dizzy. I honestly feel like such a burden and I honestly try so hard that nobody can even tell I lost most of my friends and some of my closest family members. I could be in the hospital right now and they wouldn’t even know or probably care. HONESTLY!!! It sucks but, I’m over it I have my boyfriend, kid’s, family and the few GOOD friends I have left. Those old one’s just made me physically ill and I couldn’t take it. Some people just don’t understand I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS NONE OF US MS WARRIORS DID! We deal with it every day all day and will for the rest of our lives so why are you so worried or care so much about whether we’re “faking” or “lazy”, ok that’s why I have 2 degree’s and I’m still in school cause I “planned” on this right? I would never ditch a good friend or give up on a close family member but hey that’s just me everyone is different right.

I’m extremely thankful for the awesome supportive friends and family I have now. I’ve got closer with some great friends and family and I’ve made and met some amazing new one’s! Know this though us “MS Warriors”, we support each other like something I didn’t even know existed. It still amazes me and it’s great!

I am happy to say that I am finally me again A BETTER ME! My kid’s and the love of my life are happy and health and my family too and that’s all I need to be happy. Clearly, I have rough day’s like the past 2 weeks, “but this to shall pass”. until next time keep it real and love your family and be a good friends because what if it were the other way around? Are you to close minded to even try to put yourself in that situation? I hope not and if so….may karma have mercy on you!

One love,


ms dream


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