I get it now and I’m going to be ok regardless of what my health issues may come to be I can’t change it. I’ve disappeared to figure out how to live my new life and should have the honor to be a good friend. I understand now that it’s me that’s changed not by choice, more of a life adjustment I guess. I’m at the point where I know I’m strong and no matter what the future may bring I’m ready to battle like a warrior because that’s what I am a life long warrior who will fight until theres nothing left to fight. My personality may have changed because life decided to kick my ass until I woke up and fought back. I love my life and I’ll fight for it until the day I die. I have the perfect little family a few good trust worthy loyal friends in which I’m extremely lucky to have. I’ve learned how to control my emotions and deal with reality. No matter what my destiny may be I will conquer, when the card’s are dealt you have to know how to play and beat it. Anyone who’s struggling with any illnesses or diseases you can do it and you already are without even realizing it. Stay strong and except your life because you only get one. For those who know people who are struggling, if you truly care just be there. If you can’t handle being with a ill person and leave them to rot like they never existed CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST RUINED THE BEST LESSON YOU’LL EVER GET!!! I don’t want sympathy I just want a hug. ……keep on keeping on.
One Love,




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