Fall Time & Flare-Up Time

Getting to that time of year again. I have always loved the Fall, it’s my birthday, new school year, and feels like out with old in with the new. Unfortunately, now I’m starting to notice changes in my health and my MS. I get sicker in the  fall like a lot of people who have MS do, and I’m noticing when I feel a flare up coming on. This is the scary part, knowing that you feel an illness coming knowing you can’t change it,  stop it, or bother going to the doctor because you know what it is. You can ask for steroids which is what is necessary, unfortunately where he live it’s nearly impossible because I’ve tried to go to the ER during a flare and they never help me. I have had MS for about five years and I’ve never had an IV of steroids like I should be given and usually they’ll bring you your house but not in NH.


Another thing I need to remember about fall is, it’s time to get ready for hibernation. I can barely get enough vitamin D in the summer and goodbye immunity, like completely.
I got  my blood work results the other day and guess what my lymphocytes and leukocytes are high, meaning I’m sick or have an infection and my red blood cells distribution was low, which is your red blood cells width and volume. Nothing to big to worry but I’m not playing around with my blood cells. I’m also a universal donor and I wish I could donate. I’m actually not sure if I can or can’t I wouldn’t want to comprise anyone’s health of course.

Ok well I hope you all have a good weekend and stay safe!
One Love,


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