Sleep and Symptoms

I hate being constantly exhausted
I hate having narcolepsy
Somehow I also have insomnia
New symptoms skin changes, red warm legs and feet, white spots on my skin, random hives, lips are swollen
Dents from Copaxone injections
I hate having multiple sclerosis, even though I know I’ll be ok. The reality of it all is that most of the things that go on with people that have MS we call” invisible symptoms” , involving pain, vision changes, extreme fatigue, cognitive issues, I have a peripheral visual field deficit with basically means it’s hard to see out of the corners of my eyes, bladder problems, weakness in arms and legs, numbness, tingling, paralysis etc. … I could go on and on! Everyone is different I just wanted to let anyone know what symptoms to look for if you don’t already know and if you know someone with this horrible disease that’s why they may look good but inside is a whole different battle! Thanks for reading and I’ll be adding some more information and other pages!
One love,


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